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Christmas Island is one of natures most impressive feats, an island full of natural wonders: from the unique annual red crab migration to rare and unusual birds and glorious deserted beaches where the only footprints in the sand are those made by nesting turtles. With so many endemic species, the island is often referred to as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean. Yet it also displays a curious amalgam of cultures, history and industry, emerging as a place where all these elements create a truly unusual travel experience.


Red Crab Migration

Marching en-masse from their rainforest burrows down to the ocean, the Christmas Island red crab migration is a wave of colour and a thrill to observe. This species is endemic to the island and this phenomenon happens nowhere else on earth.
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scuba diving and snorkelling christmas island

Scuba Diving

Christmas Island is a marine paradise. Some of the world’s best diving takes you to crystal clear tropical waters where the island’s fringing reef drops dramatically into the Java trench. Whale sharks visit Christmas Island between November and April.

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bird watching holiday australia

Bird Watching

Christmas Island is home to several endemic species, birds that can only be found on Christmas Island. More than 80,000 sea birds nest on Christmas Island and over 100 vagrant and migratory bird species have been identified.

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fishing on christmas island


Breathtakingly steep drop-offs enable anglers to target big blue water fish within ridiculously short distances from the shoreline. Troll for pelagic species such as tuna, wahoo or sailfish, pop for the mighty giant trevally or jig for the iconic dogtooth tuna.

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Walks to Inspire

Meander through the dappled light of a lofty rainforest teeming with abundant life in its lush ecosystem, from tall, shady canopies above to delicate native orchids and ferns across the forest floor and on to freshwater cascades and remote beaches.

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Christmas Island is a vibrant and warm community with a cultural mix that colours island life with many traditions, celebrations and festivals. Islanders are proud of their home and its harmony with a blend of Buddhist, Christian, Taoist and Muslim cultures.
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Sunset Cruises

Jump on board a small family owned and operated vessel for a bespoke sunset tour.  Nibble on array of home-made delights whilst sipping on a champagne and watch the sun set on another magical Christmas Island day.

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Accommodation Christmas Island


Christmas Island offers a choice of accommodation ranging from boutique hotels, self-contained cottages and apartments, group accommodation and a luxury eco lodge situated in the heart of the Christmas Island National Park.

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